Wall Mounted Ironing Board Ideas

Amazing Wall Mounted Ironing Board

Wall Mounted Ironing Board Ideas – Ironing comfortable and appropriate clothing, you need a good amount of space around the board table. Its large size and awkward shape does not easily allow an ironing board combined with any room decor stylish. Finding ways to save space and save or even hide, the board gives this functional tool a place to rest when not in use.

Take a standard ironing board outside the plant with a wall mounted ironing board. It is a simple unit having a shelf or hook to hold the plate up and two large hooks widely spaced below which hang the board upright. Buy an iron and ironing unit holder home specialty stores, or make your own version with wood, wood glue and screws. Connect the unit to the wall at a high enough altitude that gives the ironing board enough space to hang over the floor.

To maximize space and take advantage of the convenience of having an ironing board ready for use, there are stackable units that store the wall mounted ironing board compartment. Classical models were built in narrow cabinets that, once opened, the ironing board folded perfectly as one piece. Modern models of this concept include folding the ironing board in the middle and then folded into a storage unit mounted on the wall. Once fully stored, the unit seems only a neat box on the wall.

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