Types Of Decorative Concrete Block

Decorative Concrete Block Architecture

Decorative concrete block – The slab is a composite building material of Portland cement, sand, water and other additives used in replacement of poured concrete in making walls, pads and many other structures. This material can be found in a wide range of designed in order to accommodate different varieties applications .

The slab commonly found for sale in standard rectangular pieces of 8 x 8 x 16 inches in size. Usually they have about 3/8 inch less than the specified measure because it is necessary to leave space for the application of the mortar mix. The slab may be solid or hollow core. The latter has cavities that reduce weight, but also offer less resistance. Decorative concrete block generally are also known as concrete masonry units or masonry blocks.

The standard decorative concrete block divides often in two or three main types. The corners of each regular block extend slightly beyond the face to help hide the mortar in the finished wall, while blocks for corners and finished edges without these extended, thereby producing a smooth appearance at intersections . Blocks face have a top layer designed to conceal the core, whereas the head units are designed to fit on top or bottom of the window opening.

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