TV Stands With Fireplace Is Back!

Corner Tv Stands With Fireplace

TV stands with fireplace – Would you also like a sitting area with both the television and a fireplace? But you do not know how you could combine? Whether you already have a fireplace and television in the lounge but you’ll find that restless and beautiful?

Issues around combining TV stands with fireplace I often see when I come home for a short advice in humans. And of course we are also against them when we design complete interiors. This winter we (forced) are much therefore within five ideas to combine television and fireplace in a beautiful way with each other.

Set the shape of TV stands with fireplace differ as much as possible. Because TVs often you could choose to place a horizontal rectangle for a long line or a narrow high fire. Even more deviation occurs when the television hanging and the fire is separate in space or vice versa: the fireplace has been incorporated into the wall and the TV is on a stand or pole in space. Hide the TV cabinet doors when not in use. But beware: make sure these doors stand not too much next to the fireplace. You might also clog the stove when not in use … that is a less obvious solution and more complicated to achieve, but certainly worth considering.

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