Trendy Decorative Light Switch Covers

Cute Decorative Light Switch Covers

Today we propose a simple and economical idea: decorative light switch covers in your home. Say goodbye to the classic switches completely changing the style of the walls of your home with the different techniques that we bring here.

When we talk about interior decoration you cannot leave detail to chance, as tiny or so it seems imperceptible are essential in the aesthetics of the spaces of our home. In this regard, we propose that you pay attention to decorative light switch covers in your home, in many cases, are the forgotten decoration. Almost always equal and white, today we suggest simple ways to customize them and make them compatible with the decor of the room’s solutions.

Also, those who wish to decorative light switch covers can use the stickers and decals are a practical choice and the market can get different designs to suit any decor. Another very practical and very original alternative is to paint the switches of the same color as the wall, for it with a screwdriver removing covers switches and proceeds to paint color you like. Then, you must wait until dry to put back and voila, you have the problem solved.

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