Making a Chalkboard Wall Decal

Apr 18th

Making a chalkboard wall decal a permanent fixture on a wall requires special blackboard paint. These paintings turn any surface into a useful board. Use the paint to make a big blackboard in a child’s bedroom, or create a small area of ​​slate in the kitchen or entry to register errands or grocery. The paintings come in a variety of colors, from green or traditional black slate from a school classroom colors to match your decor or current wall color or a color and provide an unexpected and striking design.

Check your chalkboard wall decal marker or packaging to determine which type of ink used chalk beam. Most chalk markers are cleaned with water.

Mark a square or rectangular area of ​​the wall to the chalkboard wall decal with masking tape or adhesive tape. Pour chalkboard wall decal paint in a tray of paint. Spend paint in one direction to create a smooth coat. Allow to dry for two to four hours.

Add a second layer of chalkboard wall decal paint to the painted area is partner and no visible stripes. It allows the second coat to dry overnight. Carefully peel the tape off the wall. Use the painted as you would with a common board area.

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