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Damask Letter Wall Decals

Letter wall decals – One useful to add a personal touch to the rooms of your house way is to decorate your walls with letters. You can choose a theme with a letter and the letter of his name, a combination of letters to spell something, like your child’s name or a random array of letters that suits your decorative tastes. Whichever room you choose, there are a number of ways to use the letters to his wall decor

Explain a word to give a personal touch through letter wall decals. You can choose to spell the name of his son to his room, the name of his family to the living room or a catchy phrase for the kitchen. Purchase wooden letters of your choice from a local craft store. You should easily be able to find all the letters of the alphabet in a variety of styles and sizes.

Decorate your cards to match the decor of your home. An easy way to decorate your cards is painted with colors that coordinate with the colors of your room. You can paint the letter wall decals in a solid color contrasting with the color of the wall so that they stand or you can choose to paint each letter with an alternate color to add some decorative style.

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