Instructions For Making Decorative Brackets

Amazing Decorative Brackets

Learn how to make your own decorative brackets allows you to make shelves and supports to meet their specific needs without having to hire a carpenter. Build brackets and shelves for each room in your house. Create media developed for ornate or opt for a simple and clean style for a sophisticated shelf shelves.

Instructions for making decorative brackets, Cut two pieces of board 1 x 4. Cut the top piece 5 inches long and the arm piece 6 inches long. Place the top piece of decorative stand down on a work surface. Fit the arm piece against the top piece with the right side. Pilot holes into the wood and screw through the arm part and the top part to secure the two sections, so that the basic shape support.

May screw small picture hangers to the back of the stand. Use the picture hangers to secure the bracket to the wall. Above the support with a 1 x 4 piece of wood. Place the timber so that the end of the platform extends one inch past the decorative brackets. Drilling a pilot hole in the shelf and the support and screwing the two pieces together, drilling through the top of the platform and the support. Complete your support for decorative paint or stain to suit your taste.

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