Install Twin Size Bed Frame

Inspiration Twin Size Bed Frame

Twin size bed frame – A bed frame supporting a box spring and mattress. Elevate the spring case not to lie directly on the floor. Bed frames can be fitted with wheels or small wheels, allowing you to roll the bed to different locations as needed. Mounting varies with the type of bed. A standard metal frame for a full size bed consists of two articulated supports you need to connect. You can assemble and install a bed frame without using any tools.

Lay the twin size bed frame articulated two brackets on the floor. Sets longitudinally and parallel to each other, the wheels down, about 6 feet away. East brackets so that the two ends with attachment header are directly opposite each other. Pulling adjacent support beams each with an angle of 90 degrees. When have crosspieces lying adjacent to all form a rectangle with the supports of the main frame.

Join the two farthest header attachment rails. Insert the metal tab on one side of the rails through the slot of the other. Pull the crossbars to secure them in place. Join the two closest to the head attachment crosspieces following the same process.

Place the twin size bed frame connected to the location where you want the bed. Orient the connected frame so that the end with accessories header is aligned with the headers to be used, if any. This completes the process.

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