How To Put Together A 4 Tier Shoe Rack

4 Tier Shoe Rack Black

A rack simple shoe store shoes can allow a clean and orderly manner, either near the entrance of your home or wardrobe. In making a 4 tier shoe rack, you can keep more pairs of shoes bought in stores shelves two levels, and you’ll save money by assembling at home. Because of the simplicity of a shoe rack, you can build in about an hour. Once your platform is complete, you can leave as is, stain or paint to suit your style. Instructions to put together a 4 tier shoe rack.

Place two of the plates on one side of the flat surface side with the ends aligned such they are mutually parallel. Measure from the lower court, terminated by 1 foot. Draw a perpendicular width of the two cards to mark this point line. Measure up to 1 foot away from the frontline and draw a second line across at this stage.

Insert four screws spaced evenly across tables and marked the end of the table unmarked on each side using an electric screwdriver. Slip a card unmarked remaining between the marked tables.  Place the unit where it can provide better usability for access 4 tier shoe rack.

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