How To Build A Stackable Shoe Rack

Best Stackable Shoe Rack

A stackable shoe rack is useful if you expect your shoe collection to grow over time. These modular frame sections are constructed identically and fit together like puzzle pieces, allowing you to add to it as needed. The racks can be reorganized, allowing you to organize your shoes easily by category and shuffling around. Instructions to build a stackable shoe rack. Draw a rectangle on a piece of wood 1/2 inch with a pencil. It should be 14 inches wide and 48 inches high.

Draw pencil lines across the rectangle to divide sections 8 inches tall. Each section will be a wall shoe rack. Draw a circle of diameter of 6 inches on each 14-inch line. Trim the side walls with a band saw or jigsaw. Cut a piece of 14 by 24 inch plywood and one piece 7 1/2 by 24 inch for each pair of side walls.

Place a piece of 14 by 24 inches in a workbench to form bottom of the rack. Stand a piece July 1/2-by-24-inches at the base, between the side walls, to serve as the back of the rack. Each stackable shoe rack will have two side walls, a base and a back.

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